Friday, April 15, 2011

Filming location: Full House

One of the most popular TV miniseries released in Korea in 2004 was Full House, based on a popular comic book series. This fun miniseries shows us the difficulties that occur while living together, as well as the funny side of life. The lead actress in Full House, Song Hye-kyo, is very succesful with her credits including Gaeul Donghwa (Autumn in My Heart) and All In. The lead actor, Rain (비 ) is one of Korea's hottest singers. From the onset, Full House was praised for its fresh and saucy take on the love lives of four young people. Within the first three weeks of airing, audiences responded with a 30% increase in viewer ship. Most of the miniseries is set at a beachfront house in Incheon. This area has become a popular tourist spot for fans of the show.

Full House was filmed in the Gwangyeok-si area of Incheon. Located near Incheon International Airport, it's a ten-minute boat ride from Sammok Harbor to this quiet, seashore getaway. Unlike other filming locations in Korea, this is an actual house. Made mostly of wood, this house, made especially for the miniseries, cost approximately one million US dollars to build. The beachfront property looks out onto open waters, with elegant views that could be used on any postcard. Many fans of the miniseries make a pilgrimage to this now famous home. Nearby sightseeing locations include Jogak (sculpture) Park on Modo Island; a bridge connects these two islands. 

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