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Pencipta Belon - Michael Faraday


Belon adalah getah tipis fleksibel yang diisi dengan gas seperti helium, hidrogen, nitrus oksida atau udara. BELON ini dicipta oleh Michael Faraday pada tahun 1824.

Michael Faraday adalah seorang ahli kimia dan ahli fizik yang telah menyumbang dengan ketara kepada kajian dalam elektromagnetisme dan elektrokimia.

Michael Faraday dilahirkan pada 22 September 1791 di selatan London. Keluarganya tidak kaya dan Faraday hanya menerima pendidikan formal asas. Apabila dia 14, beliau telah perantis kepada penjilid buku tempatan dan dalam tempoh tujuh tahun akan datang, berpendidikan dirinya dengan membaca buku-buku mengenai pelbagai subjek saintifik. Pada tahun 1812, Faraday menghadiri empat ceramah yang diberikan oleh ahli kimia Humphry Davy yang di Institusi Diraja. Faraday kemudiannya menulis kepada Davy meminta pekerjaan sebagai pembantunya. Davy menjadikan dia turun tetapi pada tahun 1813 melantik beliau untuk tugas pembantu kimia di Institusi Diraja.

Setahun kemudian, Faraday telah dijemput untuk mengiringi Davy dan isteri pada 18 bulan pelancongan Eropah, mengambil di Perancis, Switzerland, Itali dan Belgium dan bertemu ramai ahli-ahli sains yang berpengaruh. Kembalinya mereka pada tahun 1815, Faraday terus bekerja di Institusi Diraja, membantu dengan eksperimen untuk Davy dan ahli sains lain. Pada tahun 1821 beliau menerbitkan karyanya tentang putaran elektromagnet (prinsip di sebalik motor elektrik). Dia dapat menjalankan penyelidikan sedikit lagi dalam 1820, sibuk kerana beliau dengan projek-projek lain. Pada tahun 1826, beliau mengasaskan Institusi Diraja Jumaat Petang wacana dan pada tahun yang sama Krismas Kuliah, kedua-duanya terus ke hari ini. Beliau sendiri memberi banyak ceramah, mewujudkan reputasi beliau sebagai pensyarah sains yang cemerlang pada zamannya.

Pada tahun 1831, Faraday mendapati induksi elektromagnet, prinsip di sebalik pengubah elektrik dan penjana. Penemuan ini adalah penting dalam membenarkan elektrik yang akan berubah dari rasa ingin tahu ke dalam teknologi baru yang berkuasa. Semasa baki dekad yang dia bekerja untuk membangunkan idea-ideanya tentang elektrik. Beliau sebahagiannya bertanggungjawab mencipta banyak perkataan biasa termasuk 'elektrod', 'katod' dan 'ion'. Pengetahuan saintifik Faraday telah dimanfaatkan untuk kegunaan praktikal melalui pelbagai jawatan rasmi, termasuk penasihat saintifik untuk Trinity House (1836-1865) dan Profesor Kimia di Akademi Tentera Diraja di Woolwich (1830-1851).

Walau bagaimanapun, dalam tahun 1840-an awal, kesihatan Faraday mula merosot dan dia kurang penyelidikan. Beliau meninggal dunia pada 25 Ogos 1867 di Hampton Court, di mana beliau telah diberi penginapan rasmi bagi mengiktiraf sumbangan beliau kepada sains. Beliau memberi namanya kepada 'Farad', pada asalnya menerangkan unit cas elektrik tetapi kemudian satu unit kemuatan elektrik.

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A Guide to Seoul

Take a stroll in a secret garden.

Gyeongbokgung is a first place that we must visit for sure but Changdeokgung is slowly making its way onto itineraries, and for good reasons. It built in 1405 at the foot of Ungbong Peak of Mount Baegaksan, the palace was designed to adapt to the topography in accordance with Pungsu principles, structure were placed to the south and an extensive rear garden ( Biwon the secret garden) to the north. It also the most intact of all the five Joseon Dynasty palaces in Seoul, and it was based on the grounds that Changdeokgung was listed as a UNESCO World Culture Heritage site in 1997.

ADDRESS: 99, Yulgok-ro, Jongno-gu.

Explore the elegant building of Gyeongbokgung and their modern style

The National Palace Museum of Korea and the National Folk Museum of Korea are within its grounds.

 On your way to or from Changdeokgung, stop for coffee (South Korean like ‘em black) and lemon poppy seed pancakes at Café Slow Recipe.
ADDRESS: 91-43, Toung Eui-dong, Jongnu-gu.

Soak up the creativity

Hongdae is home to Hongik University, the nation’s top educational centre for the arts. A cross the streets are full of creativity. There galleries left and right, and even the small clothing and accessories stores look carefully curated.

  5.  Relive your unique days
Youth culture is evidence everywhere in the city but you feel it most in the Sinchon/ Ewha area, home to the Ewha Womens University and Yonsei University.

  6. Rest ur feet and order

-          Makgeolli (rice wine) at Chef’s Guksujeon.

-          Old-fashioned beef galbi at Seoseo Galbi

Get ur beauty and Fashion styles
-          Get  a haircut at Juno Hair
-          Get Funky socks at one of the stalls
-          Get free skincare samples at the beauty stores.

 Drop your dough on street snacks.

-          Tteokbokki
-          Tornado potato
-          Kimbap
-          Dries octopus
-          Gaeran bbang

Head to a retail Heaven

Don’t forget to shopping at Myeong-dong, it is the largest single shopping district in the city. That places is packed with tourist where it has everything for everyone. If u look for designer bags and shoes u can get it at Lotte Town or Shinsegae. Meanwhile, South Korean fast fashion brands like 8seconds, MIXXO, and TOPTEN10 are perfect for those who want an affordable wardrobe upgrade.  You can find these outlets on the main drag, alongside international brands such as H&M and Forever 21. Of course at their u also can look for makeup, skincare and sheet masks,

Brave the crowd at Lotte Duty free Shop

Popular cosmetic brands such as Laneige and Sulwhasoo as well as ones you can’t get back home like Amorepacific and Belif
-          Perfumes
-          Vacuum-packed kimchi

Stay with a local

For something a bit more personal, bunk in at Sutome Guesthouse, the three storey built in the 70s is the actual home of Sophie Hong and family. The available rooms (six to choose from) are cosy and it cheap, the 1-, 2-, and 4- bedroom cost w50,000, w70,000 and w100,000 respectively per night, but the guesthouse and its resident poodle Pong offer welcome respite after a day of traveling. In the morning, Sophie lovingly prepares a light, healthy breakfast for you, using fresh produce gathered form her family farm.  It has easy access to a subway station so you can just hop on a train to the nearby, club-packed Shinchon/Hongdae area or if you lazy to head out a night, you can enjoy its many in-house arty activities.
ADDRESS: 472-20 Mangwon 2-dong, Mapo-gu

Admire an Icons

By the post-war era, the Cheonggyecheon stream had become heavily polluted thus in the 1950s, it was covered with asphalt. About 20 years later, an elevated expressway was built over it, and the stream disappeared from the minds of Seoulites. However, after undergoing a remarkable restoration for three years, the 5.48km-long Cheonggyecheon now sees an increase in biological diversity with a rise in fish, bird and insect populations. There’s always a flock of tourist at the western end of the stream, so walk towards the east to get real sense of the palace.

-          Post at Gwangtonggyo, the bridge built during the Joseon Dynasty was excavated and recreated during restoration process.
-          Read the dream of citizens, written across 20,000 tiles at the aptly named Wall of Hope.
-          Visit to the museum, on the extreme end of the stream.

See the past

Even though it is located smack in the middle of a busy city, Bukchon is a village frozen in time, the district, once home to members of the royal family, and nobleman during the Joseon period, is packed with over 900 hanok(traditional Korean houses) characterised by gently-curved tiled roofs. The Bukchon traditional Crafts Experiences Center offers a really good map of the area and it has hands-on craft workshops. Then slowly make your way downhill to the array of bohemian boutique.

Take view of Bukchon
-          Arts and craft street in Wonseo-don
-          The picturesque neighbourhood of No 11 Gahoe-dong
-          No 31 Gahoe-dong
-          Stone steps in Samcheong-dong

 Practice at etiquette
-          Retrain from speaking loudly or engaging in horseplay
-          Don’t photograph or film through open doors or gates leading into private residences.
-          Don’t litter! This applies everywhere.

Eat like an empress
Korea House (a comprehensive complex representing tradional Korean culture) serves royal court cuisine, as featured in K-drama Jewel. In The Palace, does go back to the periods of the three Kingdoms, and then passed down through the Goryeo and Josean Dynasties. Honestly, we don’t get the pricing but safe to say that if you want to eat like a queenbetter be as well as one. The dinner buffet’s reasonable priced though, an adult is charged w40, 000 (RM133). Reservation in necessary!
ADDRESS: 10, Toegye-ro 36-gil, Jung-gu

Snooze in a snazzy hotel

While the rest of THE PLAZA is almost barren, its rooms are kitted out with clean-lined contemporary pieces and accented with funky accessories. You can’t get much more central than the 410-rooms hotel, it is located in front of Seoul Plaza (occasionally used for public gathering or rallies, how exciting). And its within walking distance to Deoksugung and the shopping district of Myeong-dong. The Plaza also provides a free daily shuttle services to Gyeongboksung, Insa-dong and Changdeokgung.

ADDRESS: 119, Sogong-ro, Jung-gu

Fuel up with a buffet spread
When in Seoul, you should do as the Seoulites do….and that’s to hit the buffet line as soon as the restaurant opens. Enjoy an all you can get to eat  that’s worth every cent at Todai, a buffet restaurant at Noon Square, Myeong-dong, that mainly offers Japanese, Chinese and Western cuisines. The moment you walk in, make a beeline for its crabs and steaks, the two are really popular amongst its patrons because of the sizes.
ADDRESS: 25-2, Myeong-dong 2-ga, Jung-gu
OPENING HOUR: Lunch 11:30 am - 4Pm and dinner 5:30 pm – 10 pm
PRICE: Weekday lunch W26, 000, weekday dinner w37, 000, and weekend w38, 000.

Laugh to your heart’s content

Bibap interprets the process of bibimbap making through the use of beat-boxing, b-boying, a cappella and charming comedy. You don’t need to know Korean to enjoy the non-verbal performances; the content is relatable and easy enough to understand.

ADDRESS: B2F Cinecore Building, Samildaero 386. Jongno-gu

Do more than just gaze down on the city

Most tourist make the mistakes scheduling in an hour or two visiting the N Seoul Tower at the peak of  Namsan, which is a shame because the mountain is surrounded by a huge park of pine and oak trees, the perfect setting for a leisurely hike up especially between September and November when you can witness stunning fall foliage. Once you’re at the top (you can also get there by car, bus, cable car, and an outdoor incline elevator that takes you halfway up the mountain), check out the tower revolving restaurant and high-tech observatory-unless you’re into teddies, skip the teddy bear museum. And before you leave, pick up some souvenirs at NGift, cat lovers will swoon over Jetoy merchandise.
ADDRESS: San 1-3, Yongsan-dong 2(i)-ga, Yongsan-gu

No money, No problem
Free of charge activities that are just as fun…
-          Put on a Hanbok near the Namsan Beacon Tower
-          Take photos with Bongsudae Guards once they’re done re-enacting the smoke signal ceremony
-          Post a photo of the locks of love on Instagram, your friends back home will be green with envy
-          Just chill out at the Pavilion
-          Spot the city’s Landmarks from the roof terrace at the foot of the tower

Shop till you drop

The Dongdaemun Shopping Complex is the world’s largest market of fabrics and clothing materials, thus it comes as no surprises that nearby malls in the area carry the latest trends, think Bangkok’s Pratunam district. Eight-storey Doota leads the pack with 54o stores selling high-quality clothing at reasonable prices, keeping to its concept of Fast & First. Most malls open from 10:30 am onwards, often closing in the wee hours of the morning, we talking 5am here.
ADDRESS: Jangchungdan-ro, Jung-gu

Strike a pose with Haechi

A symbols of Seoul, this lion-like horned creature (a fire-eating dog actually; WOAH!) has existed as a guardian of the city for a long time, protecting it from fires and disasters. Haechi also represents integrity, justice and good fortune, perhaps posing with it will bring you good luck!

Experiences the café culture
Located in the affluent neighbourhood of Gangnam, Garosu-gil is a tree-lined street with an assortment of boutiques, cafes and galleries. Unless you wanna see and be seen as you sip a cuppa, stray away from the main avenue, gems are hidden in the backstreets. Always the case in this city!

Go drinking
Back in its heyday, Apgujeong’s Rodeo Street was the fashion mecca but
It certainly no longer looks and feels the part. However, it does boast lots of bars, pubs, and clubs, so if you live for drinking, then park you bum here in the early evening onwards. Sneaker-heads may wanna check out the various sports stores, as there aren’t a lot of people here, you can browse the selection of kicks in peace.

Stock up on the basics

WHERE: 8seconds, One Mount Shopping Mall
WHY: a cross between Zara and Uniqlo, 8seconds targets the young. And the young want thing that affordable, don’t they? Get its plain T-shirts, jumpers, skirts and leggings first, and if you have cash to spare, grab some of the up-to-the-minute stuff!

Walk in a Seoulite’s shoes

WHERE: posted, 1F, 555, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu
WHY: Try the latest trends without sacrifice the comfort. Seoulites always look for easy to walk in shoes, like brogues or wedges.

Copy your k-pop star

WHERE: Steve J & Joni P, 685-12 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu
WHY: since debuting at 2007’s London fashion week, this duo’s design are highly sought-after by local fashionistas and celebs including Girl Generation’s Hyoyeon, Kara”s Kang Ji Young and Tara;s Hyo Young. Its unique pieces are surprisingly wearable!

Sweat out your stress

Being a train-hoping tourist in a city that covers 605 sq km can be strenuous, so you know what you should do? Relax at Jimjilbang (public bathhouse plus sauna)- Dragon hill Spa & Resort  is a seven storey health, well-being and entertainment theme park offering plenty of ways for you to unwind. Make full use of the various sauna rooms at the healing zone (FYI, couple love to indulge in PDA here, so it can get pretty awkward when it’s just you and them in a heated rooms). And if you’re okay with being naked in front of strangers, take a dip in its public’s baths. Like a facial, body scrub (dead skin cells begone) and massage. Dragon hill has special packages for the princess who needs pampering. Trust us, you can easily spend half a day here.

ADDRESS: 40-713, Hangangno 3-ga, Yongsan-gu
ADMISSION: w11, 000 (weekday) and w13, 000 (weekend) for 12 hours includes rental of lockers, face towel, as well as top and short

Splash out on a designer suit
WHERE: Lie Sang Bong
WHY: Dubbed the Korean McQueen, this designer’s creations scream for attention! Beyonce, Rihanna and Lady Gaga have all donned his (sometimes) OTT pieces, and on the other spectrum, he has also dressed the country’s socialites. While its ball gowns and oversized jackets are classics, they’re not suitable for our weather, purchase the pantsuit in its signature hangul (Korean Alphabet) print instead.

Get up close and personal with a view.
As ou make your way to the city from the airport, the Hangang greets you and its does so every time you moved between the northern and southern parts of Seoul. The 514km-Long River is considered the heart of the metropolis, summoning urbanites for a spot of rest and relaxation. It easy to miss its beauty, so if you really wanna know the Hangang, leave the comfort of your car or train set and head down to its embankments to discover the 12 parks and facilities.

  Thing that you need to do when in Hangang.

-          Pig out on a Lotteria Burger at one of the parks
-          Dog watch, there are so many cute ones out on their daily walk
-          Rent a bike and get cycling, be sure to stop by a café for coffee and cake, for a more adventures ride, head to Nanji or Gwangnaru.